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After being away for long vacation Design One is back to blogging. It’s a great honor to reopen the design agenda with an outstanding practitioner who Design One already mentioned here on the blog for his previous Red Dot Design Award – Ilian Milinov is here again with equally smashing design piece – the HANG STOOL. Crisis taught us that luxury is desperately ephemeral if it is not wisely combined with usability. This precisely is the massive asset of Ilian Milinov’s work, but few words on the Hang Stool may reveal more why it has Red Dot Design Award 2012. HANG STOOL is a folding stool/hang. When you don’t need it as a stool you can use it as a hang in your dressing room. Furthermore, you can hang clothes on it when in stool position. HANG STOOL is made of simple wooden x-shape structure and textile case it is slip in. The design of the textile allows the tension to be on a big area, thus the stool is extremely strong and light. For more works of Ilian Milinov please forward to his web site.

Indeed the HANG STOOL is not the first piece paving Milinov’s way into the heavy weight design but certainly it is a piece that will make him not a one-night-stander but a constant dweller of the upper league.

Design One chose to open the new year with an artist who has great eye for usability and art. Pieterjan Grandry graduated from the St. Lucas school of Arts in Antwerp and now works across multiple design fields. However, the most thrilling of it all is his “Crap Is Good” concept – one of the very fine developments under this caption is the gif player box, a simple yet genius device that works simple and has unparalleled visual effect – moving image in stylish and simple box. His engagements stretch to logo and identity design where he is equally skilled. Should you feel already excited about Pieterjan please proceed to his site where there is so much more to enjoy and discover.

There are dozens of hot contemporary Italian designers and artists. But among the most loudly heard names there are very few whose design effort is something more – made to last more than a season or a fancy launch. Vincenzo De Cotiis is one of those who make things to last longer and understands perfectly what makes a design as such. Actually, his pieces are feasts of timeless aesthetics that could be equally accommodated with style in 18th century palais or ultra modern city loft. He has not official site so the only place design one could recommend is Progetto Domestico where you could see his exceptional collection.

The word “designer” might soon be outdated if more like Tokujin Yoshioka enter the scene. Design, architecture, art and installations from another space and time they all blend into an aesthetic feast to deliver new visual experience. The unprecedented views are often clean and minimal revealing the abilities of light to shape, tone and finally construct an extraterrestrial imagery at terrestrial altitudes.

The image above, Spectrum installation at Seoul’s MuseumBehindMuseum is part of an exhibition which has already expired, but new equally exciting projects are on their way: the new cellular phone “X RAY” designed for KDDI.

Fresh burst of smart minimalism comes from the Berlin-based design company E27. Their style captures with deceptive simplicity garnished with little catchy detail. In contrary to the over-designed less-functioned light objects the “Pit” (shown above) lamp strikes with functionality and appearance. There’s plenty to be explored across the E27 product line, just for a clue the “Pull Over” lamp, for the rest

Multidisciplinary french artist Thomas Lemut is on design now. Since he has been art director in the cinema and (almost) all possible artistic occupations now he is making limited edition objects d’art. He is not certain if design is the proper word for his works – they all have aesthetics as leading role rather than function, Lemut says. “Function follows form” comes through beautifully crafted pieces currently on display at Gallery Fumi in London. Quite humble is the selection published here for more browse through

It’s been a long time before Bugaria may add anything in the big world design scene. Fortunately, here it is the beginning of posts Design One plans to publish on good Bulgarian design. The Hug chair (pictured above) just been awarded Red Dot Design Award – the highest of the numerous international accolades Ilian Milinov received for his outstanding work. Ilian Milinov’s name came across the high design title list in 2002 when he won “Chair of the Year” at Promosedia with his “Seattable” for ORT. The achievements, however, don’t stop here, his convertible Bike 3-2 has also been in the world design focus, it was nominated at Seoul Cycle Design Competition earlier this year. To see his full range of work you may browse through

Everyone who has an eye for bold scandinavian design couldn’t miss the name Norway Says. Here it is the founder of this iconic collective – Andreas Engesvik. He graduated in 2000 with a BA honors and the same year he founded Norway Says. After many top notch exhibitions across the globe for a decade they split their paths and now the designer is establishing his own studio Andreas Engesvik Studio. The studio plays in various design fields – tableware, furniture, lighting to industrial design for large international clientele. Find out more at

Australia’s recent developments into the design and architecture scene is overwhelming in terms of ideas and execution. Here design one presents Cocoflip – a Melbourne based multidisciplinary design studio. The studio’s prominent design feels lightly unpretentious but at the same time exciting and bold in its simplicity. Their practice vary but what strikes most is the Coco pendant light (pictured above) and their touch to the interior design at Creatures Loft. See more at