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Please, all our readers, accept Design One’s sincere apologies for not putting up new posts in the last couple of months but new developments are pending in here. One of those is the new Design One series of typographic posters – so far there are only two of these made exclusively for private purposes. However, very soon there will be few new posters available for auction. The purpose of the posters is to ring a bell for how important is making things happen with our two hands only, literally – the posters will be 1 (yes, you got it right, one) piece only per poster and they are made with ink and acrylic on various cardboard media. The two posters exhibited here are on passepartout 600 g/m2 paper – 600×800 “It’s OK”,  and snow white Canson 300 g/m2 for 700×1000″Act nobly, speak purely, think charitably”. Similar to these unrepeatable posters, new ones soon will be available for auction/selling purposes, therefore Design One wishes to know your suggestions for its price – how much would you pay for such art pieces.

Design One is back to blogging after long summer with this massive young talent – Fleur Isbell. Recently graduated from Bath Spa University, Graphic Communication, Fleur is having a great eye and large scale ideas in digital experimentation. Furthermore, these experiments end up gracefully with smart modern touch, exactly within the taste radar of  Design One. Besides the great visual language you may also enjoy the Isbell’s blog which is equally exciting. Indeed, the Design One blog could hardly give the full details of Fleur’s work but if it triggered your curiosity the job is well done, now switch to and enjoy.

The “Blazing” print by Seb Lester is an ambigram, which means it reads both ways up. Passion and love of letterforms land gracefully in Sebastian Lester whose fervor to type is so refined. He is a Central Saint Martins graduate and was working at Monotype Imaging for 9 years where he was designing custom typefaces for clients like British Airways, Waitrose, Barclays and many more. Now he is producing limited edition art prints available through Pictures on Walls gallery. The gallery hosts some of the biggest names in the contemporary art like A. Micallef, BANKSY and many

True Type London. Seb Lester.