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To those who follow closely the developments in the packaging design world probably the Helping Remedies (pictured above) designed by the New York studio ChappsMalina won’t be something new. What captured mostly the attention of design one is not just lovely packagings but the serious strategic work behind the excellently crafted imageries. The studio focuses on strategic design solutions and that’s most vivid through their product design projects. You could get better idea of all this if you pay a visit to

This time design one finds its daily dose of inspiration from an ambitious and stylish Medusateam based at Lerida, Spain. Their scope of work stretches from identity to motion graphics and web design made with brilliance and style. The images shown here are just a tiny still powerful portion of what might be expected on their official site

Photography has many styles and sub-genres as most of the visual crafts, but no one could deny the lack of great photography in the era of overdigitalised society. Here design one presents an artist whose work consists of exploration, magic and great eye for composition – Marc Atkins. He is artist, photographer and videographer with no down in any of those. The space in this blog couldn’t hold all the accolades and exhibitions but what captures the attention is his recent artwork for the David Lynch debut album. However, if you feel excited about his work visit

Photo Magic. Marc Atkins

Another catch of the design one radar comes from Australia. Toko is a multifaceted creative practice started at Rotterdam and relocated 2 years ago near Sydney. Their touch always leave a great mark of solid and concept related aesthetics. From logos and event graphics through magazine design to campaign and new media graphics, it all deserves more than mentioning – for better perspective

There are some people that are incredibly good in blending what might seem unblendable. Lizzie Oxby is Royal College of Art graduate and is equally good in illustration and directing. She blends animation with live action to create visually unforgettable worlds. Her short “Ext. 21″ has gained vast international flair and if you have 10 minutes you will understand why. Enjoy the movie, leave the popcorn. To see her full scope of work please visit her official site

Surreal Beauty. Lizzie Oxby

The word “designer” might soon be outdated if more like Tokujin Yoshioka enter the scene. Design, architecture, art and installations from another space and time they all blend into an aesthetic feast to deliver new visual experience. The unprecedented views are often clean and minimal revealing the abilities of light to shape, tone and finally construct an extraterrestrial imagery at terrestrial altitudes.

The image above, Spectrum installation at Seoul’s MuseumBehindMuseum is part of an exhibition which has already expired, but new equally exciting projects are on their way: the new cellular phone “X RAY” designed for KDDI.

Refined graphics knows no boundaries and altitudes – here it is a very well design spoken  australian design agency called Mash. Founded in 2002 at Adelaide Mash are proving there’s no shortcuts to high creative standards. Their scope of work seems to be quite similar to that of design one – multidisciplinary creative strategists believing that great brands are built (except the greatness of product itself) upon creativity and originality. Many more brilliant examples of their work are available at

Fresh burst of smart minimalism comes from the Berlin-based design company E27. Their style captures with deceptive simplicity garnished with little catchy detail. In contrary to the over-designed less-functioned light objects the “Pit” (shown above) lamp strikes with functionality and appearance. There’s plenty to be explored across the E27 product line, just for a clue the “Pull Over” lamp, for the rest

The “Blazing” print by Seb Lester is an ambigram, which means it reads both ways up. Passion and love of letterforms land gracefully in Sebastian Lester whose fervor to type is so refined. He is a Central Saint Martins graduate and was working at Monotype Imaging for 9 years where he was designing custom typefaces for clients like British Airways, Waitrose, Barclays and many more. Now he is producing limited edition art prints available through Pictures on Walls gallery. The gallery hosts some of the biggest names in the contemporary art like A. Micallef, BANKSY and many

True Type London. Seb Lester.

Multidisciplinary french artist Thomas Lemut is on design now. Since he has been art director in the cinema and (almost) all possible artistic occupations now he is making limited edition objects d’art. He is not certain if design is the proper word for his works – they all have aesthetics as leading role rather than function, Lemut says. “Function follows form” comes through beautifully crafted pieces currently on display at Gallery Fumi in London. Quite humble is the selection published here for more browse through