After being away for long vacation Design One is back to blogging. It’s a great honor to reopen the design agenda with an outstanding practitioner who Design One already mentioned here on the blog for his previous Red Dot Design Award – Ilian Milinov is here again with equally smashing design piece – the HANG STOOL. Crisis taught us that luxury is desperately ephemeral if it is not wisely combined with usability. This precisely is the massive asset of Ilian Milinov’s work, but few words on the Hang Stool may reveal more why it has Red Dot Design Award 2012. HANG STOOL is a folding stool/hang. When you don’t need it as a stool you can use it as a hang in your dressing room. Furthermore, you can hang clothes on it when in stool position. HANG STOOL is made of simple wooden x-shape structure and textile case it is slip in. The design of the textile allows the tension to be on a big area, thus the stool is extremely strong and light. For more works of Ilian Milinov please forward to his web site.

Indeed the HANG STOOL is not the first piece paving Milinov’s way into the heavy weight design but certainly it is a piece that will make him not a one-night-stander but a constant dweller of the upper league.

Bulgarian Excellence. Ilian Milinov

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