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When speaking of simple yet unseen graphic approach is difficult not to mention Magpie Studio. The graphic design practice nestled at Perseverance Works, London shows a style of its own others only could envy. The studios clients list is least to speak impressive – Royal Mail, D&AD, Apple, Print Lounge and many more, mainly those who cherish exceptional work rather than tones of non-sense propaganda collateral. Here, Design One picks up only few just-getting-the-idea images, however, should you visit their site you will feel the true scale of their work. Design One’s favorite is the “Imagine the possibilities”, a series of illuminating thoughts from Robert  Horne, massively impressive posters both as visual and as copy power (only two of the visuals pictured above). Enjoy!

Design One is back to blogging after long summer with this massive young talent – Fleur Isbell. Recently graduated from Bath Spa University, Graphic Communication, Fleur is having a great eye and large scale ideas in digital experimentation. Furthermore, these experiments end up gracefully with smart modern touch, exactly within the taste radar of  Design One. Besides the great visual language you may also enjoy the Isbell’s blog which is equally exciting. Indeed, the Design One blog could hardly give the full details of Fleur’s work but if it triggered your curiosity the job is well done, now switch to fleur.isbell.net and enjoy.

It’s easy to write for someone whose work is a great mixture of unconventionalism, surrealism and bravery – leaving the images to speak for themselves is often enough instead of using various epithets and labels. However, some information on Darracott’s way might be of good use to those who are not intended to visit his site. Tom has graduated MA at Saint Martins and joined the Village Green design studio where he worked across diversified spheres of visual aesthetics for wide variety of clients such as Fabric Club, 032c Magazine, Nike, etc. Since April 2011 Tom Darracott runs his own design practice. For those really curious on his work please pay a visit to his site.